Most faux "wasabi" products contain no true wasabi at all.  Carefully dried, ground, Real Wasabi™ powder contains only 100% natural, authentic Wasabia Japonica. This carefully formulated powder is not for everyone and admitedly requires some special and patient handling.

Despite reports to the contrary,with patience it is possible to dry and process Wasabia Japonica to preserve its remakable, pungent flavor.  With timely harvesting, proper handling, painstaking processing and careful drying techniques, the distinctive characteristics of fresh wasabi can be reproduced with remarkable accuracy.

To Make Real Wasabi Paste:

To make genuine recontituted wasabi paste from Real Wasabi powder, vigorously mix a measure of dried ground Real Wasabi™ with an equal amount of water.  When thoroughly blended to the right consistency a (slightly dry, not soupy, paste), cover the dish and set it aside for ten to fifteen minutes to allow the enzymatic action to activate the full flavors. 

Authentic Real Wasabi™ paste is terrific served as a condiment to accompany sashimi or sushi, or used in a host of creative ways to lend an exciting kick to sauces or spreads. 

TIP:  If by some chance you find yourself with leftover wasabi paste at the end of a meal (unlikely), blend it with a small amount of olive oil before storing it in the fridge.  This will help preserve the flavor, at least for a day or so, that would otherwise be lost.