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Real Wasabi powder 100% pure wasabia japonica powder

No horseradish, fillers, colorants or additives. Hydrate by adding an equal measure of water. Cover and wait ten-fifteen minutes for flavor. 2.5 KG Sealed Foil Bag containing Our real wasabi powder is also available in 1 Lb. bag, or small, medium and large consumer size jars. 

With patience it is possible to dry and process Wasabia Japonica to preserve its remarkable, pungent and nuanced flavors.  With timely harvesting, proper handling, painstaking processing and careful freeze-drying techniques, the distinctive characteristics of fresh wasabi can be coaxed out and reproduced with remarkable closeness to the flavor of freshly grated wasabi.

Most faux "wasabi" products contain no true wasabi at all. Our carefully freeze dried, Real Wasabi™ wholesale powder contains only 100% natural, authentic Wasabia japonica. This carefully formulated powder is alive and not for everyone as it requires patient handling to coax out the nuanced flavors.

Real Wasabi Powder variants available in bulk

Wasabi Powder in bulk, in addition to our Classic Real Wasabi Powder we offer 100% pure Wasabia japonica Rhizome powder.  It is a bit more bitter than our culinary blend due to higher concentrations of isothiocyanates.  Nutraceutical formulators or persons focused primarily deriving nutraceutical value of Wasabia japonica often prefer 100% Pure Rhizome Powder.

All of our Fresh Wasabi Wholesale Powders are 100% derived from Wasabia japonica plants grown under natural conditions.  While produced using sustainable, all-natural methods, our Real Wasabi powders are not certified organic nor are they kosher certified. 

We do not certify nor assure any specific levels of precursor glucosinolates nor ITC's, but our powders consistently test very well in comparison to other global suppliers.  Having been more than vetted by Food manufacturers, Nutraceutical formulators, Breweries, Food Packers and Pharmaceutical firms, we are confident that our Real Wasabi Powders will continue to test superior against others. 

Our supply typically refreshes two or more times per year so it remains fresh. 
Our Wasabi Wholesale Powders are packed in 2.5 KG Foil Bags, six (6) per carton, so a full carton contains 15 KG.  This powder remains potent for at least two years if appropriately kept cool, dry and away from light.  

For formulators, manufacturers or culinarians who prefer blending their own, we also offer Real Wasabi Leaf and Real Wasabi Stem Powder (2.5 KG minimum).
For more information on purchasing our Wasabi Powders in Bulk, send e-mail request to info@realwasabi.com.  Please put "Wholesale Request" as the subject.

Our Real Wasabi pure authentic wasabi powder "Real Wasabi brand" is truly a one-of-a-kind product, only available here or on our partner site www.sushipantry.com

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