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Sadly, most so called "wasabi" served in the world contains no wasabi whatsoever.  Nada, Zilch, None !    Most Wasabi Isn't !

Meanwhile, authentic wasabi (Wasabia japonica), having lived under a cloud of misinformation for decades, is emerging to appropriate prominence as an herbal power house whilst scores of scientists worldwide study its unique chemistry and promising putative health properties.*  

Inspired by Real Wasabi, we decided it was time to launch our nutraceutical division called NUTRASABI, focused on sustainably sourced adaptogenic botanicals and adaptogenic blends that help support healthy immune responses*  At NUTRASABI we're convinced that adaptogenic botanicals like authentic wasabi can play a key role in encouraging and supporting homeostasis in humans* 

NutraSabi is a division of Real Wasabi, LLC, premier worldwide purveyors of authentic Wasabia japonica products since 2005.  

PURE WASABI - is our flagship offering - an all natural herbal supplement made of 100% pure wasabi rhizome powder from organically grown Wasabia japonica plants.  PURE WASABI delivers a broad spectrum of powerful isothiocyanates that can be an important part of our quest for balance and health*

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     This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. _____________________________________________________________________________________
  • NUTRASABI Pure Wasabi Supplements - 60 count 500 mg Veggie Capsules
    NUTRASABI Pure Wasabi Supplements - 60 count 500 mg Veggie Capsules
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