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Japanese Inspired Nutraceutical Superfoods, Adaptogenic Botanicals & Functional Mushrooms

At NutraSabi, (our wellness & longevity division), we celebrate the powers of all natural, sustainably sourced, organically grown botanicals and beneficial mushrooms. Inspired by the remarkable healing properties of authentic Japanese wasabi, we decided to apply our years of importing experience to launch NutraSabi to bring you the highest quality wellness ingredients the world offers.

The Best Japanese Inspired Supplements on the Market

NutraSabi Rhizome Powder begins with mature real wasabi plants, carefully cultivated organically in Himalayan volcanic soils to maximize their concentration of beneficial bioactive compounds we seek. We then pair Pure Wasabi rhizome powder with other powerful natural Superfoods, Adaptogenic Botanicals and Functional Mushrooms to amplify their compatible health benefits

After separating out the rhizomes, we clean, sort and slice them.  The wasabi rhizome “chips” are then proprietarily dried and processed to preserve every bit of their bioactive potency and powerful healing properties.

We also blend NutraSabi with other nutraceutical or adaptogenic botanicals for their respective complementary and balancing properties.  Current offerings include PureSabi and GinSabi.  AshwaSabi and MatchaSabi are coming soon.

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In addition to wasabi grown on our North Carolina farm, we also source fresh wasabi from other farmers and import and offer wasabi and other ingredients that meet our standards from Japan, India, Canada, Iceland, China, Asia and beyond. 

Discover the world’s best wasabi supplements to feed your homeostasis, reduce inflammation, support calm mental focus, and boost your wellness and immunity. Our Japanese-inspired NutraSabi formulations will support your quest for optimum health and help you reclaim your inner balance.


Our flagship botanical offering bears our brand standard proudly. NutraSabi is 100% Pure, Nutraceutical Grade Wasabi Rhizome Powder. As far as we know, NutraSabi is the only nutraceutical grade wasabi rhizome powder in the world sourced from Certified Organically grown authentic real wasabi plants. It took many years for our team to assemble the capability to produce highly concentrated wasabi rhizomes organically.


Our Pure Wasabi supplement offering, called PureSabi, is made from 100% wasabi rhizome powder derived from organically grown Wasabia japonica plants. It delivers a spectrum of antioxidants and bioactive compounds to support cellular health and immune function. We're continually amazed by wasabi's versatility and treasure trove of health benefits. Turns out this Japanese staple supports whole-body vitality.


Discover the powerful pairing of nutraceutical grade wasabi and adaptogenic ginseng with GinSabi, a winning combination of two renowned powerful herbal titans, in convenient vegan capsules. Together, real wasabi and ginseng provide complimentary support for stamina and performance, while promoting healthy oxidative stress reduction, important for men’s health. 

AshwaSabi (coming soon)

Although not often categorized as an adaptogen, wasabi exhibits strong calming properties and reduces oxidative stress.  So it’s natural to match it up with a renowned adaptogen from India called Ashwagandha, (Indian Ginseng) sometimes referred to as nature’s antidote to modern stress.  AshwaSabi is formulated to promote clear calm mental focus and to improve the body’s responses to mental and physical stressors while boosting our overall well-being.

MatchaSabi (coming soon)

Energize with MatchaSabi, combining NutraSabi (Pure Wasabi) and organic matcha green tea). This duo stimulates antioxidant activity to help counter free radicals. Matcha also contains natural caffeine for sustained energy.  Embrace the nutritional health benefits of the ceremonial matcha and wasabi tradition beloved in Japan in the form of convenient vegan capsules for less oxidative stress and sustainable, calm energy.

Sustainably Sourced

We ethically source each ingredient to protect both people and our planet. Our wasabi is grown on small farms in the Blue Ridge mountains, including our own NC farm, in Japan, the Himalayan mountains and beyond. The ginseng is wild-harvested, and the matcha, shiitakes, and ashwagandha are grown chemical-free in traditional settings. With care and respect, we nurture and capture the adaptogenic and nutraceutical essence of pure botanical powders, with no additives whatsoever, in vegan capsules for you to enjoy.

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Prepared with Purpose

Like wasabi itself, our formulas require patience and precision. We wait until the wasabi rhizomes mature to capture their richness. Our ginseng is concentrated using an intricate steaming process passed down through generations. We stone-grind matcha just before encapsulating it to preserve freshness. 

Every step honors the nature of each ingredient. Experience the formulation art of some of the best Japanese supplements you can buy.

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Please reach out if you're interested in a specific ingredient we don't currently offer. We also love collaborating to craft custom blends. And check back often, as we frequently add new offerings.

We can't wait to see where this wasabi-inspired journey leads next.


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