Real Wasabi Powder -12X Case- Large Jars / Fiery Taste , Smooth Finish

Celebrating the Authenticity of Wasabia Japonica

Wasabi Powder
Real Wasabi Powder
Real Wasabi Powder
Small Jar of Real Wasabi - 3/4 oz

Real Wasabi Powder - Case of Large Jars 12X @ 2 1/4 oz

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Real Wasabi - Large Jars 12X @ 2 1/4 oz  

Real Wasabi Powder allows you to experience the nuanced flavors of authentic Real Wasabi while enjoying the convenience of a pantry item.  All our Real Wasabi powders contain ONLY authentic Wasabia japonica...NO horseradish, NO colourants, NO fillers.
Our celebrated Real Wasabi Powder is a blend of Wasabia japonica rhizome powder (over 75%) with some stem and leaf powder added for flavor, color, sweetness and texture. This culinary blend is preferred by taste groups and chefs for table use and food packers as it is the closest thing to the subtle, nuanced flavor of freshly grated wasabi. See our wasabi recipe page.
To learn more about real wasabi cultivation, health benefits, history, recipes and more, please visit our directory of articles and blogs. 
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