Wasabi Leaves and Stems - Ideal for plating sushi or salads.
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Fresh wasabi leaves and stems
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Fresh Wasabi Flowers - Ideal edible for plating and salads

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Fresh Wasabi Flowers are offered seasonally only

These beautiful small bright white flowers are ideal edibles for plating and presentations of sushi, sashimi or salads. They are also tasty and nutritious. The crunchy stems and delicate flowers are delicious and highly sought after for early spring presentations.

The heat of wasabi is more prominent in stems than leaves or flowers but overall the heat is always greatest in the prized rhizomes!  Wasabi flowers can be used fresh in salads, with mixed greens or as an exotic garnish for a bloody Mary. You can keep them fresh in the refrigerators for up to See our recipe for Pickled Wasabi Leaves and Stems

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