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Shark Skin Wasabi Grater | Handmade Oroshi | Made in Japan

$ 89.95

Traditional Shark Skin Wasabi Graters

Traditional shark skin wasabi graters, known as "Oroshi," are an integral part of Japanese cuisine, particularly when it comes to preparing and serving wasabi. Wasabi, a pungent green condiment commonly associated with sushi and sashimi, is usually presented in the form of a small mound or paste. To achieve the desired texture and flavor, fresh real wasabi rhizome aka root is traditionally grated using shark skin wasabi graters. These graters are designed for precision and to coax out the best qualities of real wasabi.

  1. Materials: Shark skin wasabi graters are made primarily from sharkskin, as the name suggests. The skin of the Japanese dogfish (also known as the roughskin dogfish or Japanese bullhead shark) is most commonly used. The shark skin is attached to a wooden base, which provides stability and support during the grating process.

  2. Texture: The abrasive texture of shark skin is crucial in grating fresh wasabi. It effectively grates the wasabi root into a fine paste while maintaining its distinctive flavor and pungency. This is important because the volatile compounds in wasabi responsible for its unique taste and aroma are highly perishable, and the traditional grating method helps preserve these qualities.

  3. Gentle Grating: Traditional shark skin wasabi graters are designed to grate wasabi gently. They do not create excessive heat during the grating process, which can cause wasabi to lose its flavor. The shark skin's fine texture ensures that the wasabi is grated finely without excessive pressure.

  4. Design: These graters typically come in various sizes and designs, but most feature a rectangular or circular wooden base with the shark skin secured on top. Some graters may have different-sized grating surfaces to accommodate various portions of wasabi.

  5. Maintenance: Caring for shark skin wasabi graters is essential to maintain their effectiveness. After each use, they should be rinsed with cold water to remove any residue, and then they are typically left to air dry. Over time, the shark skin may wear out and become less effective, but it can be replaced to extend the grater's lifespan.

  6. Cultural Significance: The use of shark skin wasabi graters is deeply rooted in Japanese culinary traditions and aesthetics. It is considered a symbol of craftsmanship and attention to detail in the culinary world. The process of grating fresh wasabi at the table is not only about flavor but also about the visual and sensory experience for the diners.

  7. Alternative Materials: While traditional shark skin graters are highly prized for their effectiveness, some modern versions use stainless steel or ceramic graters. These alternatives are easier to maintain but may not provide the same authenticity and finesse in the grating process.

Traditional shark skin wasabi graters are a testament to the precision and respect for ingredients that are fundamental to Japanese cuisine. While there are numerous modern alternatives, many chefs and connoisseurs prefer using these traditional graters to create the best possible wasabi paste for a more authentic and flavorful dining experience.

Shark Skin Wasabi graters (Oroshi) are the traditional tool of choice for Itamae faced with grating authentic fresh wasabi rhizomes.  While mico-planes, metal or ceramic graters work reasonably well, the unique sandpaper-like rough surface of shark skin is ideal to break down the dense texture of wasabi to produce the perfect creamy consistency that fully releases wasabi's nuanced flavor profile.

Best practices include patient circular grating with steady pressure, gradually producing the right texture while mixing it thoroughly with the constant motion.  Also good for Turmeric, Ginger or Horseradish. 

Measures 5.25" x 3.25" width   
Hand wash in cold water

Fresh wasabi rhizomes (seasonal availability) 

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Shark Skin Wasabi Grater | Handmade Oroshi | Made in Japan

$ 89.95

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Micheline A Cote
Very special

I am surprise at the small size of the grater

And hoping to find some real Wasabina to plant. We have a sweet creek running all the time. It is partly shaded. It seems to be the perfect location for the Wasabina. Please advise where to find tubers
Gratitude in advance
Micheline 🌷👌🌻

Hi Micheline, Thanks for judging us. We will soon be posting pre-order possibilities for Real Wasabi Plant Starts. We expect to resume shipping wasabi plants early April. Please check back in with us. Doug and Team Wasabi

barry layman



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