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growing wasabi flowers

Discover the Allure of Real Wasabi Plants

Welcome to an authentic wasabi journey. Let us guide you through the joys and intricacies of the wasabi plant, also known as Wasabia japonica.

From fiery taste to smooth finish, wasabi offers an experience like no other. Though often replaced with imitation flavors, true wasabi stems from the fascinating, temperamental wasabi plant. At Real Wasabi, we've nurtured these rare beauties for over 20 years. Now, we want to share our passion for growing wasabi with you.

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Introducing Real Wasabi Plants for Sale

Experience the thrill of growing your own fresh wasabi plant. Real wasabi thrives in cold, running mountain streams. So, we sustainably cultivate authentic wasabi rhizomes in the pure North Carolina mountains, and you can buy a live wasabi plant direct from our online shop.

Our wasabi is nurtured with care, cultivated, and processed in a controlled environment on our secluded organic farm nestled in the North Carolina mountains.

We also partner with neighboring farms in North America, the Himalayas, and beyond. We ship real wasabi plants so you can enjoy homegrown fresh wasabi.

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Tissue Culture

For the highest quality wasabi plants, we recommend tissue culture cultivation. This yields higher survivability compared to seeds or offshoots. The plants multiply identically, preserving excellent wasabi genetics. Tissue culture is ideal for commercial-scale wasabi farming.

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Wasabi Plant Starts

For those interested in smaller-scale wasabi gardening, consider our plant starts. Derived from the offshoots of mature wasabi plants, these starts provide an accessible entry into your wasabi cultivation journey. Plant them in cold, running water or medium rich potting soil to ensure they thrive.

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Growing Your Wasabi Plant

Caring for the wasabi plant brings unique rewards and challenges. Wasabi thrives in pure, cold mountain streams with specific conditions. For the ambitious home grower, we offer growing guides to nurture your plants. Discover the symbiosis between pristine nature and the wasabi plant.

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Get a Sampler of Fresh Wasabi Plant!

Try (or share) the awesome fiery taste and smooth finish of fresh real wasabi with Real Wasabi Paste from powder in your own kitchen with this limited-time offer.

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growing wasabi flowers crop

More about Real Wasabi Plants

At Real Wasabi, we've dedicated over 20 years to growing authentic wasabi plants sustainably in the North Carolina mountains. Our pristine natural environment nurtures the temperamental wasabi plant, which flowers in the early spring and is carefully harvested by hand. Get to know the passion behind Real Wasabi.


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