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Fresh Real Wasabi Rhizomes (Root) | Authentic Wasabia japonica

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Size1/4 lb Real Wasabi Rhizomes
TypeGreen Thumb

Fresh Real Wasabi Rhizomes   

Beautiful appearance, nice size and full complex flavor profile

Authentic Wasabia japonica rhizomes are renowned for their distinctive flavor and aroma. Unlike most wasabi products in the world which are made from horseradish, green coloring and Chinese mustard, real wasabi offers a complex taste profile with subtle sweetness, mild heat, and lingering umami notes.

While revered for their unique flavour for centuries, authentic wasabi rhizomes also offer a plethora of health benefits:

 Antimicrobial action. The rhizomes (roots) are packed with natural microbe protection that helps inhibit the growth of many harmful bacteria and pathogens.

 Digestive aid. The spicy flavor of our rhizomes stimulates the production of saliva and gastric juice in the stomach, which helps break down food.

 Improved circulation. Circulation stimulation means more efficient oxygen delivery throughout your body and removal of waste products. 

 Inflammation reduction. Wasabi rhizomes act as natural anti-inflammatory ingredient helping alleviate soreness and soothe pain. These effects are also excellent for lowering the risk of chronic diseases.

The best way to release the rhizomes aromatic oils and optimize the flavor is grating with a traditional sharkskin or fine textured grater. The fresh paste should be consumed within 15-30 minutes of preparation to savor its peak flavor and aroma.Enjoy this rare treat NOW in 1/4 Lb., 1/2 Lb., 1 Lb., 2 Lb., 3 Lb., and 5 Lb. packages.

Maintain freshness by either wrapping the rhizomes in a slightly damp cloth or paper towel, or imersing them in a jar or glass of water and storing them in the refrigerator. 

As any true sushi connoisseur knows, real wasabi rhizomes are a rare hard-to-find treat, but you can get them delivered right to your door by ordering here here, NOW;  in 1/4 Lb., 1/2 Lb., 1 Lb., 2 Lb., 3 Lb., and 5 Lb. packages. 

Please note, orders placed before noon, Monday-Wednesday, will ship in 24 hours, with FREE UPS 2 day ground. We DO NOT ship our fresh rhizomes on Thursday or Friday. Please call if you need expedited shipping/delivery or have a specific event schedule.

Beware, if you've never tried the real deal before, you might not be too happy the next time you go to a sushi bar and they serve the green-colored horseradish, AKA "wasabi". 

 See our recipe page for some great ideas too.

Fresh Real Wasabi Rhizomes (Root) | Authentic Wasabia japonica

$ 69.95 Regular price

Customer Reviews

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Thomas Breslin
High quality, great!

Top shelf, very fresh, recommend the shark skin grater

Good quality

This makes a really nice wasabi for sushi… however, I thought it would be more spicy. A little disappointed in the spice, but the flavor is fantastic.

Hi Jason,

The wasabi's spiciness may increase if you give the grated paste a few minutes to 'breathe' before consuming. After grating the fresh wasabi, form it into a ball and wrap it in a bit of food film (to keep air away from it), then let it sit for ten or fifteen minutes to let the chemistry and flavor develop) You may be pleasantly surprised by the difference in flavor. Enjoy!

Wasabi lover
Fresh Real Wasabi Rhizomes

Fresh Real Wasabi Rhizomes are the best. The interesting thing is that the real one is not as spicy, has fresh smell with great health benefit if you use it with Blue Damson Plums.

Karen Marker
Exquisite indulgence

After reading the ingredients on a tube of wasabi paste, I decided to research wasabi. So happy to have found your company. My boyfriend is a healthy foodie & his birthday was coming up. What a great gift & a wonderful experience to make our own wasabi paste at the table. So delicious & fun. I recommend to try at least once in your lifetime ! Of course, I will be buying more in the future.

Ross Alaimo
fast shipping and great flavor

Fast shipping and great flavor. 2 pieces for a 1/4 pound . Great!


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