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Shop Authentic Wasabi and Related Products

Discover the true flavor of wasabi and essence of Japanese cuisine with our range of authentic wasabi and complementary products. Dive into a world of authentic wasabi products crafted with precision and passion, bringing the genuine taste of Japanese wasabi right to your doorstep.

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Our Authentic Wasabi Collections

Every product in our collection is a testament to our commitment to quality and authenticity. From fresh wasabi to unique gifts, find everything you need to elevate your culinary experience.

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Fresh Wasabi

Dive into the world of fresh wasabi with our premium selection. From the robust wasabi rhizomes - the heart of the plant - to the flavorful wasabi stems known as petioles. Don't miss out on the aromatic wasabi leaves and the delicate wasabi flowers, each offering a unique taste experience.  Great for upping the amps on plating presentations

wasabi flowers

Wasabi Plants

Our collection of wasabi plants is a testament to authenticity. We offer whole wasabi plants, perfect for those looking to cultivate their own. For advanced growers, our wasabi tissue culture and wasabi plant starts provide a head start in the wasabi growing journey.

four types of wasabi powder

Wasabi Powders

Elevate your dishes with our range of wasabi powders. Whether it's the Petiole (Stem) Powder, the intense Rhizome Powder, the versatile Culinary Blend, or the aromatic Leaf Powder, each promises a burst of genuine wasabi flavor.  Moreover, parts of the wasabi plant contain varying amounts of bioactive beneficial nutraceutical compounds.

nutrasabi supplements

Supplements for Health

Boost your health with our range of supplements.  NutraSabi’s flagship supplement - PureSabi - delivers the purest form of wasabi benefits in convenient vegan capsules. Or, for a unique balancing blend, especially formulated for men’s health, try GinSabi, combining the best of wasabi with the ancient adaptogenic botanical Ginseng.

handmade Japanese chopping boards for sushi

Wabi Sabi Gifts

Celebrate the art of giving with our Wabi Sabi Gifts. From Soil Inoculation Kits for gardening enthusiasts to elegant sushi boards (Geta) for sushi lovers. Explore our fermentation kits, indulge in Wabi Sabi Matcha, or choose from a range of wooden boxes and accessories, including chopsticks and sake sets.

sushi pantry products

Sushi Pantry Essentials

Stock up your pantry with sushi essentials. Our collection includes nutrient-rich sea vegetables, traditional miso, flavorful mushrooms, aromatic Japanese teas, and a variety of essential condiments to elevate your sushi experience.

wasabi spices

Thymely Spices

Spice up your culinary adventures with our Thymely Spices. Subscribe to our Spice Subscriptions for a regular supply, or choose from our range of organic spices. We also offer spice grinders and spice racks to keep your spices organized.

wasabi homewares

Cool Wares for Your Kitchen

Enhance your kitchen aesthetics with our Cool Wares. Browse our range of kitchen accessories, cutting boards, woodenware, bowls and cups, chopsticks, and elegant tableware to complete your kitchen ensemble.

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Why Choose Our Authentic Wasabi Products?

When you buy real wasabi from us, you're not just purchasing a product. You're investing in an experience. Our dedication to authenticity ensures that every curated item in our Real Wasabi shop brings the genuine flavors and rich aesthetic traditions of Japanese cuisine to your table.

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Did You Know?

Many products labeled as "wasabi" lack the genuine Wasabia japonica. Instead, they tend to be a mix of horseradish, food coloring, and a range of weird ingredients. They simply don’t have the authentic wasabi flavor. Our commitment is to provide only authentic wasabi products, ensuring you get the real deal every time.


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