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growing wasabi leaves

Fresh Wasabi

Embark on a culinary journey like no other with our fresh wasabi, a rare gem in the world of flavors. From the fiery kick to the delicate aftertaste, every bite promises an experience that's both genuine and unforgettable.

fresh wasabi leaves with grater crop

Experience Authentic Fresh Wasabi

Wasabi has been a cornerstone of Japanese cuisine for centuries. Its Latin name, Wasabia japonica, reflects its deep roots in Asian culinary traditions.

For those who truly appreciate food, real fresh wasabi rhizomes are a rare and cherished delight.

Dive into our collection and discover the authentic taste of fresh wasabi.

fresh wasabi plants in water

Wasabi Rhizomes (Roots)

The heart of the wasabi plant, our fresh wasabi rhizomes are packed with flavor and heat. They’re available in various sizes, ensuring you get the perfect amount for your culinary needs.

wasabi stems

Wasabi Petioles (Wasabi Stems)

A milder alternative to the rhizomes, our wasabi stems still pack a punch. They're perfect for those looking to add a touch of wasabi's signature heat without overpowering a dish.

real wasabi leaves

Real Wasabi Leaves

Beyond the rhizomes and stems, wasabi leaves offer a unique flavor profile. They're a great addition to salads, providing a subtle hint of wasabi's distinctive taste.

wasabi flowers

Wasabi Flowers (Seasonal)

Available only during certain times of the year, these delicate white flowers are both beautiful and flavorful. They're perfect for garnishing dishes, adding a touch of elegance and a mild wasabi flavor.

Why Choose Our Fresh Wasabi?

The demand for fresh wasabi in America has been on the rise, and we remain committed to providing only the most authentic wasabi products. Our close ties with cooperative wasabi growers ensure consistent, year-round deliveries of the highest quality.

salmon sushi wasabi

The Legacy of Fresh Wasabi

The Honzo Waymo, Japan’s oldest botanical dictionary from 918, is full of references to wasabi.

Historically prized for its medicinal properties, especially as an antidote to food poisoning, wasabi has always held a special place in Japanese culture.

Its anti-microbial attributes made it the perfect accompaniment to raw fish, ensuring both flavor and safety.

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Discover the True Essence of Wasabi

If you're a foodie and haven't yet experienced fresh wasabi, you're in for a treat. And if you're already a fan, share this exceptional flavor with friends and family.

For culinary inspiration and serving suggestions, explore our recipe pages.


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