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real wasabi powders

Real Wasabi Powders

Discover our passionately cultivated wasabi rhizome powders. Experience the authentic bite and subtle sweetness of genuine Wasabia japonica.

Our Wasabi Powder Products

Wasabi is a fiery and flavorful plant that requires expertise and patience to grow properly. At Real Wasabi, we've been cultivating Japanese wasabi powder in the pristine North Carolina Mountains since 2001. Our powders unlock the true essence of wasabi, with no fillers or artificial ingredients - just pure, natural flavor.

wasabi rhizome powder

Wasabi Rhizome Powder

Our signature product, crafted from freshly harvested rhizomes, offers an unparalleled taste experience. Revel in the authentic essence of wasabi, a testament to our dedication to quality. Simply hydrate with water and wait 10-15 minutes to activate the spicy, aromatic flavors. Sold in 1 KG sealed foil bags.

wasabi leaf powder

Wasabi Leaf Powder

Milder than the rhizome, with undertones of spinach and cabbage, our wasabi leaf powder is often used in culinary mixes to add color and sweetness and capture the essence of traditional flavors. Made from genuine ingredients, our real wasabi powder is a testament to authenticity and quality. Blend into dips, dressings, and smoothies. High in vitamins A and C.

wasabi stem powder

Wasabi Petiole (Stem) Powder

Explore real Japanese wasabi powder and experience pure, authentic flavor. Whether you're looking to buy wasabi powder in bulk or simply seeking the finest real wasabi powder for your kitchen, our collection has you covered. Browse our selection of wasabi stem powders today and experience genuine Japanese taste!

wasabi culinary powder

Wasabi Culinary Blend

Boasting a slow, creeping heat, our bulk wasabi powder is perfect for those who appreciate a gradual spice intensity. When you buy wasabi powder from us, you're investing in a versatile ingredient that elevates any dish. Mix into meat rubs and marinades or sprinkle atop finished dishes as a garnish.

real wasabi powders

About Our Wasabi Powders

Our wasabi powders are made through a meticulous, generational process we've perfected over decades. We harvest the rhizomes by hand at peak freshness, then dry, grind, and seal them to lock in flavor. You'll immediately notice the difference from imitation Japanese wasabi powder

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real wasabi paste

Try a Wasabi Sampler!

Experience the unique flavors of real wasabi paste made from our powders and compare it with the rare experience of fresh ground wasabi paste from the rhizome. This limited-time offer includes a 3/4 oz jar of powder and a ~2 oz fresh rhizome piece.


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