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Real Wasabi Traceability & Sustainability

Real Wasabi, LLC places great emphasis on ingredient traceability and sustainability. They recognize the importance of monitoring the entire production process to ensure the highest quality and efficacy of their products. The company diligently tracks specific farm planting sessions and plots of Daruma Wasabi to compare potency and variances between plantings and respective harvests, showcasing their commitment to understanding and optimizing their product's quality.

Real Wasabi's dedication to sustainability is reflected in their sourcing practices. Their 100% pure, nutraceutical grade Wasabi powder is obtained from the only known National Organic Program (NOP) certified organic Wasabi farm in the world. This certification guarantees that the farming practices used align with stringent organic standards, ensuring the absence of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or genetically modified organisms.

Furthermore, Real Wasabi's commitment to quality and transparency extends to their manufacturing process. Each farm batch, specific to a particular harvest, is recorded and traced using tracking numbers, ensuring that the origin and journey of the Wasabi can be precisely identified. Additionally, each manufacturing lot of the Wasabi powder undergoes individual lab testing processes to verify the levels of biological actives. This meticulous testing ensures that the product meets the desired standards of potency and purity, providing customers with a reliable and consistent experience.

By implementing rigorous tracking and testing protocols, Real Wasabi ensures that their customers have access to high-quality, traceable products. The company's partnership with ingredient companies, who regularly monitor and audit their facilities, further enhances their commitment to quality assurance.

In summary, Real Wasabi, LLC prioritizes ingredient traceability and sustainability in their operations. By sourcing from an NOP certified organic Wasabi farm, meticulously tracking farm batches, and conducting comprehensive lab testing, they provide customers with a sustainable and transparent product. This dedication to traceability and sustainability not only ensures the highest quality standards but also promotes consumer confidence and supports the long-term well-being of the environment.


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