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PureSabi™ | 100% Rhizome Powder in Vegan Capsules | Organically Grown

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Sadly, most so called "wasabi" served in the world contains no authentic wasabi whatsoever.  Nada, Zilch, None!  The simple fact is this:  Most Wasabi Isn't! 

Real Wasabi, USA's mission is to change the pervasive, sadly deceptive,"wasabi myth"

Meanwhile authentic, real wasabi, aka Wasabia japonica, having lived under a dense cloud of misinformation for decades, is becoming known as an herbal powerhouse with scores of scientists worldwide studying its unique chemistry and increaingly promising putative health properties.  

Inspired and encouraged by scores of customers over the past decades, many of whom were fighting serious illnesses, who shared with us their personal wasabi consumption stories, we've researched, founded, developed and we're excited to share with you:

Our NEW PureSabi™ is Sustainably Sourced, Nutraceutical Grade, 100% Wasabi Rhizome Powder, made from Certified Organically Grown Wasabia japonica plants


NutraSabi™ is the brand for our Health and Wellness division of Real Wasabi, LLC, premier worldwide purveyors of authentic Wasabia japonica products since 2005.  NutraSabi offers carefully curated, sustainably sourced, adaptogenic botanicals, nutraceuticals and nutritional blends that help support healthy immune responses*  

PureSabi™- is our flagship offering of NutraSabi Nutraceutical Grade Wasabi Rhizome powder in Vegan Capsules.  As an all-natural herbal supplement made of 100% pure wasabi rhizome powder from organically grown Wasabia japonica plants, each PureSabi capsule delivers a broad spectrum of powerful isothiocyanates that can be an important part of our quest for balance and health.

At NutraSabi™ we're convinced that nutraceutical botanicals like authentic wasabi and combined Super Fooods, can play a key role in encouraging and supporting homeostasis in humans*

Daily consumption of NutraSabi's broad spectrum of powerful isothiocyanates, high concentration of Vitamin C and essential minerals into our natural systems may help boost healthy immune responses, promote clarity, and help us reclaim inner balance*

Cultivated with Care:  We take pride in the responsible, sustainable cultivation and sourcing of our ingredients:

  • Real Wasabi is cultivated in the pristine mountain streams of Japan, North America, the Himalayans and beyond to exacting standards preserving its authenticity and purity.

Vegan Capsules for All:  Our vegan capsules make Wabi-sabi accessible to a wide range of dietary preferences:

  • Vegan and vegetarian friendly.
  • Free from artificial colors, preservatives, and common allergens.

Serving Suggestion: Take one or two capsules daily with a meal, or as directed by your healthcare provider.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

PureSabi™ | 100% Rhizome Powder in Vegan Capsules | Organically Grown

$ 79.95

Customer Reviews

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Carla Gillson
Great product, great service.


Thank you Carla. We appreciate you!

Anne Muli

Pure Wasabi Rhizome Powder in Vegan Capsules | Organically Grown Wasabi | PureSabi

Pure Wasabi Rhizome Powder Capsules

I've been taking the supplement for 23 days. I haven't noticed any good effects from taking them.


The purity and the effects gotten from consumption of this product

Mary Smart
Great product

My husband and I feel great since we started Wasabi a couple of months ago. Lots more energy!!


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