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Real Wasabi™ Rhizome Powder | 100% Pure | Wasabia japonica | Authentic

$ 29.95
Size30 grams (1.059 oz)

Authentic Real Wasabi™ Rhizome Powder

Authentic Real Wasabi™ rhizome powder is a dried ground form of authentic wasabi that has been specially processed to retain its lauded flavors as well as celebrated biomedical properties. It is made by thin-slicing fresh-harvested true wasabi rhizomes, into "wasabi chips", then flash dried before being ground into 100% pure fine powder and packed. 

Real Wasabi™ is our exclusive signature brand of pure authentic wasabi powders made from Wasabia japonica plants.  Real Wasabi powders are our original flagship product offerings, introduced in 2005.  We continually strive to improve quality and freshness. 

Wasabi Rhizome powder is preferred by nutraceutical formulators and discerning natural health practitioners as well as consumers interested in the higher potency of bioactive compounds typically more concentrated in rhizomes as measured by levels of precursor Glucosinolates which produce Isothiocyanates valued for inflammation reduction and other reputed effects.

Real Wasabi™ powders contain high levels of sulphur containing molecules called glucosinolates that are precursors in a seemingly magical chemical reaction that morphs them into Isothiocyanates, responsible for both its lauded flavor and valued bioactive compounds promising powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and antibacterial properties. 

Real Wasabi™ aka Wasabia japonica is a rare, hard to grow, cold-loving perennial that takes as much as two to three years to produce a thickened stem called a rhizome, an expensive functional food valued as a culinary delight and being studied worldwide for its numerous putative health benefits, including anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and antibacterial properties.  Rich in natural antioxidants, Wasabia japonica also helps protect the body against oxidative stress.

Our Real Wasabi™ brand,100% pure, authentic wasabi rhizome powder is hermetically packed 30 Gram, 100 Gram, 500 Gram and 1 Kg weights in re-sealable foil bags.     

"Fiery Taste, Smooth Finish™

Real Wasabi™ Rhizome Powder | 100% Pure | Wasabia japonica | Authentic

$ 29.95

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
john lassetter
made in china

Did not realize the product was China sourced. Disappointing to say the least.

Michael Wilcox
Real vs. Ersatz

The difference between wasabi and green horseradish is so substantial that I am at a loss for words. To say that it's fabulous is beyond understatement.

Randall Springer
Excellent flavor

This wasabi is nothing like you've ever had, it's better! Very mild and earthy, very hard to explain how it tastes, but it's absolutely delicious!


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